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Can I claim expenses?

Let’s face it… no-one likes paying tax, so our natural instinct is “How can I lower my tax bill?”.

So is it possible to pay less tax? The answer probably depends on your personal situation. Let’s have a look at some examples below:

I’ve got a job and get a payslip from my employer

The options are limited but you can still claim expenses against your job… it does depend on what your job is and what type of expense you’re claiming.

Generally speaking, if your employer pays for your expenses, such as travel or staying overnight somewhere, you can’t claim that back from HMRC yourself.

But, if for example, you’ve had to travel purely for work purposes, and your employer hasn’t re-imbursed you for it, you can claim directly via the Government Gateway portal, or via completing a self-assessment tax return.

You can claim tax relief going back up to 4 complete tax years, so it could mount up to be a sizeable pocket of change coming from HMRC!

Have a look here to see what kind of expenses you can claim and receive tax relief for.

Need some help in claiming for multiple expenses during the same tax year? Feel free to create an account and let us take the hassle away from you! (To make it worth your while, we suggest signing up for our service if you have more than £500 worth of expenses to claim or if you have other sources of income to declare to HMRC.)

You are more than welcome to sign up to the Government Gateway service and creating an account with them (if you don’t have one already) and claiming straight from HMRC.

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