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Running a business and people working for you

Setting up a sole trader business can be challenging enough, but what about if you need someone to work for you? Maybe you’re looking to expand, or if you need some help with organising the paperwork.

There are two common ways of people working for you:

  • As a business, you can register a payroll scheme with HMRC. This means for those working for you, you would be classed as an employer and you’d to abide by employment law; or
  • Assuming those working for you are registered as sole traders in their own right, you could treat them as subcontractors and pay them for work they have carried out for you. It is up to your subcontractor to declare their own taxes and national insurance to HMRC via their self-assessment tax return. Be aware of special rules if you are providing or receiving construction-related services – see our help guides for Construction Industry Scheme workers.

Whichever category they fall into, the key is to determine whether they are your employee or a subcontractor. Take a look at this handy guide prepared by HMRC for more information.

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